Looking for Group (LFG) made easy for WoW Arena and RBG.
Find your perfect PvP teammates, maybe instantly!

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Select your character

  1. Link your Blizzard account
  2. Pick your character
  3. Declare your spec
  4. Get in some games!

Search for specific compositions

You can search for specific compositions for the character that is currently selected. Additionally, you can define by how much the current rating/experience can differ and filter by language to make the communication with your teammates easier.

Create your own group

Don't want to write your current rating, experience, preferred compositions, etc. everytime you create a group? We got you covered! Just copy the tiny URL of your group and link it anywhere.

* All groups will be delisted automatically after 20 minutes to keep the search fresh and active.

Share your group summary page

Every group can be accessed directly with a tiny URL which can be linked anywhere (e.g. ingame in the LFG tool).

Manage group requests in real-time

Let's say your current rating is 2100 and your experience is 2400 in the 3vs3 arena bracket. If you specify a rating difference of 50 and miniumum experience of 2100 a potential candidate would need at least 2050 current rating and 2100 experience to be able to apply to your group.